The trusses are flat structures composed of linear elements that support the slopes of a roof.
They are structures that are based on the principle of the non-deformable triangle in which the horizontal rod absorbs the thrusts of the inclined rods (struts).
In this category there are files of wooden trusses, free downloads, a wide choice of files for all the needs of the designer.this category there are files useful for the design: wooden trusses, free downloads, a wide selection of files for all the needs of the designer.

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Truss wood struts (or arms or biscuits): they are the inclined beams that determine the slope of the roof. Stressed by pressure-bending, the struts exert a pushing action on the chain (main beam), stressing it in traction.

Truss wood chain (or rope or tie rod): it is the horizontal element that constitutes the base of the triangle and transfers the weight of the entire structure to the walls on which it rests, through vertical actions. The chain supports traction forces that would otherwise be placed on the support point of the struts in the form of a horizontal force.

Monk wood truss (or little man or colonel): it is the vertical element inside the truss and has the task of stiffening the structure. The monk takes charge, with tensile stresses, as soon as the chain bends, affecting the stirrup. The monk-bracket complex also has the function of keeping the entire truss in the vertical plane.

Bolted Roof Trusses (or struts or counter-affixes or spokes or counter-points): these are the elements with an inclination opposite to that of the struts that limit the deflection of the struts themselves, discharging the compression force to which they are subjected onto the monk.

Bandages, hoops, stirrups, bolting guarantee a more effective transfer of stress between the profiles, also completing the action of any notches and shapes.

In this category there are dwg files of wooden trusses, a wide choice of files for all the designer's needs.

3D glulam truss


The shingles on the roof


Timber roof section 1


Traditional truss dwg


Truss components


Wood cover 2


Wooden roof 2


Wooden roof 4 1


Wooden truss 1


Wooden truss 3

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