The perforated brick elements are mainly used for: internal walls, or partitions, in buildings for different purposes (residences, schools, hospitals, etc.); separation walls between housing units, between housing units and units for other uses (walls between housing, on stairwells, between residential and non-residential environments, etc.); internal walls of walls made with other materials; external perimeter walls or curtain walls. In some cases the internal walls divide the rooms only partially (walls not at the height of the space, or with a free side), or are used to close the plant cavities or to create compartments that can be equipped as built-in wardrobes.

The walls made of perforated brick elements do not have a load-bearing function and must therefore be light enough not to burden the structures. Their relative lightness allows them to be used also in refurbishment and recovery of existing buildings, without problems of excessive load on the floors.
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Axonometry of masonry


Balcony - masonry attachment


Brick floor masonry 01


Brick partition 01


Bricks with dimensions

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