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Useful information for the construction site - Crane Regulations
The company will appoint the necessary crane operators. Only these people will be able to handle the cranes, in their absence the cranes will not be able to be operational.
Crane operators must have authorization to use the vehicle.
The lifting of materials will take place with boxes, nets, baskets, suitable harnesses and, if necessary, only in some working phases on the lower floors, certified forks for transport at height. In this case, the pallet will be reusable, the packaging will be in heat-shrink cellophane, regularly locked with a crossed system and restraint chain.

- Operators of the user company are obliged to apply the provisions set forth herein.
- At the end of each use, the hooks of the cranes must be set back, placed near the tower to ensure the free movement of the arms.
- The foreman will establish the priority according to the activities carried out;
- Crane operators must be informed by their employer of the problems caused by interference, on the right of way of the cranes, on the correct lifting of loads, on the reporting and / or warning methods;
- This regulation will be sent to crane operators with signature for having read the attachment;
- The maneuvering activity inside the interference area must be previously signaled by the crane operator who starts the handling operations.
- In the event that handling activities are carried out in the interfering area, the other crane operators, regardless of precedence, must refrain from undertaking activities until the end of the activity in place.

This regulation will have to be studied / implemented specifically if the project will take on a greater level of detail.

Crane truck


Gru tower crane 01


Gru tower crane 02


Gru tower crane 03


Gru tower crane 04

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