Our Textures database is oriented towards architectural rendering, i.e. it is made up of commonly used materials in architectural design.
The database consists of 22,100 Textures classified in 245 folders for a total of 10.2 GB.
The dimensions and formats of the Textures in such a vast collection are varied, the most common format is the classic JPG, which can therefore be easily imported into any application.

The Textures Database can be downloaded directly from the site or sent on a pendrive (USB stick) by express courier. The material contained is the same, by downloading you save copying and shipping costs.
The price we offer is absolutely favourable, given the size and quality of the database, it will be difficult to find a cheaper offer.

The proposed price for Textures via direct download is 100.00 Euro including VAT
If you wish to receive the USB flash drive at home or in your studio, the price is 130 euros VAT and shipping costs included

Below the two options, choose the one you prefer

Textures database DOWNLOAD (EN)


Textures database (No shipping outside Italy)

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