In this collection there are dwg files useful for the design or construction of gates with pantographed sheet metal inserts, gates with plasma or laser cut decorations.
We offer various shapes and types of figures, Abstract, geometric, floral and animal figures.

Wide choice of designs for all the designer's needs. The figures are all inside a 1 x 1 meter panel but of course they can be scaled as desired so as to adapt the figure to larger or smaller dimensions.

The collection includes all the drawings published and available both free of charge upon registration and by subscription and with single purchase. The proposed price is therefore of absolute convenience.
Those who want to buy single designs only or download the ones available for free can do so from this page

you can download the material online immediately after making the payment.
Currently the collection of drawings is on an exceptional offer at 42 euros

The collection is always constantly updated, at the moment the drawings included are 81 divided as follows:
  • 36 files in abstract figures category
  • 12 files in animal figures category
  • 06 files in floral figures category
  • 16 files in geometric figures category
  • 12 rows in the category of figures with sun, stars, wind rose and various

To access the purchase page click on the quadrant below

Figures for laser cutting

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