The structures intended for infant education represent an indispensable element for the community that populates the built environment. Depending on the age group of users, the building will have to comply with some rules of fundamental importance in order to meet specific needs.
Starting from the distribution of the external environments, up to the organization of the internal spaces with the division into functional areas, studied on the expected user flows and on the different needs.
The areas intended for children must be filtered with respect to the entrances, which can also be reached by people from outside. The absence of obstacles and dangerous elements for the safety of children is an essential prerogative. Furniture, accessories and toys must be safe and free of harmful substances and in this regard, certified and mostly natural materials are preferred.
The design of the buildings used as a nursery and nursery must always be based on current legislation on safety and fire prevention.

In this category, dwg files are proposed which are useful for the design of kindergartens: nursery schools, kindergartens, furniture and various types of games for children. Wide choice for all the designer's needs.
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The nursery school project between functionality and pedagogy
One of the rules that a good designer must always observe is represented by attention to meeting the needs of the end user.
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Children's furniture


Games for children


Nursary scheme 01


Nursary scheme 03


Nursary scheme 04


Nursary scheme 05


Nursery plan 01


Nursery plan 02


Nursery school 01


Nursery school 02

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