In a building, the parapet (or balustrade) is a protective element, which serves to prevent people or objects from falling into the void from a balcony or terrace and in any place where there are differences in level between different floors.

Parapets can be classified according to various types:

Natural and artificial stone balustrades
Wrought iron railings
Parapets of wood
Glass balustrades

The railings (Parapet in metal)
The railing is a type of parapet consisting of vertical metal uprights that support closing elements, terminated at the top by a handrail. The uprights are normally fixed at the front section of the balcony, welding them to the metal reinforcement.

Parapets of wood
The use of wooden parapets is not only limited to rustic buildings, but above all in the alpine areas still the primary choice, and to interior furnishings; they derive from traditional rural buildings and partly reflect the designs of the stone balustrades.

Parapets - railings details

Stair railings

Structural glass balustrades

Style balustrades

Wooden railings

Wrought iron railings

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