An auditorium (from the Latin audire: "to feel") or concert hall is a building or hall specially built or renovated to host concerts, events and shows of musical content. It is therefore designed to have very good acoustics.
The term originally designated the semicircular part of the Greek theater.

A cinema is a public place intended for the viewing of cinematographic works. It is therefore a public place intended for entertainment. Compared to what you normally have in your home, the cinema offers a more intense experience of the cinematographic work.

A theater is a place, often a building, whose specific use is to host theatrical performances of prose, or other genres of entertainment in all its artistic forms, such as the performance of concerts and musical events, poetry readings, dance performances. , staging of operas. Source: Wikipedia

In this category there are dwg files useful for the design of: theaters, cinemas, auditoriums, open-air theaters, multiplexes, conferences, stalls and balconies, sections of the audience, mobile seats, mobile grandstands.
  Entertainment buildings. Guidelines between constraint and freedom
The design of buildings intended for public entertainment concerns multiple areas that should be analyzed as they have different needs and peculiarities.
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Cinema - Multiplex

Cinema-theaters seating

Conference room

Outdoor theaters

Retractable platform seating


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