What is the master plan?
The term Master Plan generally identifies those steering strategies through which one or more subjects (public or private) outline the planning actions aimed at obtaining an expected result. In urban planning, in general, the Master Plan is a sort of "Action Plan": the objectives to be achieved are outlined, the competences, responsibilities and tools that the individual players in the decision-making process must carry out are defined. The Master Plan, in general, outlines sector guidelines (eg. "Logistics Master Plan", "Port Master Plan", "Tourism Master Plan", etc.) thus representing - therefore - an instrument of "political" assumption of commitments to shared strategies. Unlike the urban planning tools for territorial planning, such as the Territorial Address Plan (Regional) the Territorial Coordination Plan (Provincial) the Structural Plan and the Urban Planning Regulations (Municipal), the Master Plan is a voluntary instrument, not subject to any adoption / approval procedure; this does not take away from the fact that - since it is a policy document - it is generally subject to public presentations which aim at an active involvement of the community concerned.
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In this category there are dwg useful files for urban planning: examples of metropolitan centrality, residential floors, open spaces, squares dwg, collective equipment (for sport, entertainment, culture, recreation), calculation of urban planning standards, public green spaces, parking, urbanization costs, construction costs.

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