The fundamental principle of these showers is the alternation of the water jet which differs not only in the temperature, hot and cold, but also in the outlet pressure from the regulator. The water comes out of the shower head with different intensity, until it reaches the effect obtained through the nebulization. Synchronously they change colors and scents to create atmospheres and sensations in harmony with the outflow of the water, which comes to simulate the fall of the rain, as well as that of the waterfall. The sensations and the different benefits that derive from them will therefore change: if the low temperature tends to firm up the tissues (with positive effects for the legs, buttocks and abdominals), the heat will have a natural vasodilator effect, with consequent purification and cleaning of the epidermis.

There are various designs of emotional showers, different in shape and size: snail-shaped showers, solarium showers, emotional shower with chromotherapy, double waterfall showers, fine rain shower head, tropical rain shower, spray shower.
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Chromotherapy shower head


Emotional shower


Solarium shower


Swimming pool sauna shower


Various emotional showers

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