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Entrance console

The console, or console, for the entrance is a wall shelf for placing dishes for table service. The support of the furniture is ensured by rear elements that fix it to the wall and by front legs.

The console, sometimes made in twin copies, had the same height as the table. The protruding part could be rounded and the shelf made of a marble slab.

Typical furniture of the rocaille style it had two or four legs, curved and decorated with volutes and curls and fixed together by a crosspiece enriched with a decorative motif, often in the shape of a shell or urn.

The consoles were generally gilded with pure gold leaf and, if smaller, were raised from the ground, like the shelves. In the eighteenth century, in Venice, consoles painted with tiny flowers on a light blue, ocher or light green background were in fashion.

Sometimes the consoles were characterized by a single leg, represented by a column, an eagle, a blackamoor or a lyre. In the Empire style the consoles were made of dark lacquered wood (mahogany or walnut) and had four legs, not connected to each other and stiffened in the shape of a column with gilded bronze capitals.

Crescent-shaped consoles with the shape of a round table cut in half and sometimes with two rounded doors under the top were also in fashion. They could be recomposed in this way to form a single round table.

In the Art Nouveau style, wrought iron consoles were also produced.

The console is often accompanied by a mirror, sometimes flanked by wall sconces; or it is placed next to a painting hanging on the wall. You can place crockery on the shelf, or place precious furnishings in gilded bronze, such as table clocks, or collections of objects.
Source: Wikipedia

In this category there are dwg files useful for designing: entrance consoles of different sizes and styles and with furnishing accessories such as mirrors, vases and sculptures.
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