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Ramps for multi-storey parking

The ramps for multi-storey parking can have a straight or curved shape, can have a single direction or a double direction of travel and can be located outside or inside the parking area.

The difference between the one-way and the two-way driving of the ramps consists in the distinction between the ascent and descent of the cars or in the co-presence of the two directions in a single lane. The latter choice presupposes the advantage of maximizing space (two functions in a single space) but entails the need to provide a larger area of the entrance and exit areas, in order to avoid traffic jams and dangerous collisions between vehicles in circulation.

As for the minimum width that a ramp must have in order to be functional, 3 meters when the same is one-way and 4.5 meters when instead it provides a double direction. The slope of all types of ramp must not exceed 20°.

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