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In this category there are dwg files useful for the design of sports facilities for the game of baseball. 2D design schemes and 3D volumetric models.
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The field
The baseball field can be roughly represented as a quarter circle bounded by two perpendicular lines, called foul lines. Due to its particular shape, the part enclosed in the semicircle of red earth is also called “diamond”.

The official regulation of the FIBS (Italian Baseball Softball Federation) provides that the minimum size of the field is 76.2 m (250 feet).
For professional clubs and senior activities in Italy, the following minimum measurements are envisaged: 97,53 m (320 feet) for the right and left foul lines and 121,92 m (400 feet) the distance between the convergence of the lines (home base) and the central fence of the field. The outside terrain, beyond the foul lines, is called “foul territory”. The foul lines ideally continue endlessly. For this reason, having reached the outer limit of the field, they are interrupted and are replaced by two poles (of variable height between 8 and 14 meters) to indicate the ideal projection of the lines.
Ground outside the court, but within this throw, is considered a valid serving area. The playing field is divided into an internal sector, called a diamond, and an external one. The diamond consists of a square with a side of 27.43 m (90 feet) at the top of which are placed four bases.

The home plate, or plate

The home plate must be of rubber and have a pentagonal shape and a width of 43,18 cm (17 inches) on the side facing the pitcher. The lower vertex is placed at the point of convergence of the foul lines. To the right and to the left of the parallel sides of the plate, two rectangles called the batter’s box are also marked with chalk.

The first, second and third bases are square bags of white plastic or canvas measuring 38 cm (15 inches) on the side, firmly fixed to the ground. In the middle of the diamond is the launch mound, a small circular hump at the top of which, 25 cm from the home plate, the pitcher’s platform is fixed, consisting of a rectangular white rubber plate measuring 60×15 cm. The distance between the lower tip of the home plate and the front edge of the pitcher’s plate must be 18.44 m (60 feet 6 inches). To complete the playing system in the foul territory, the areas reserved for the coaches of the attacking team, the batters waiting for their turn to serve and the team benches are placed.
Source: Wikipedia

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