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Swimming pools

In this category there are dwg files useful for the design of sports facilities: swimming pools of various types and sizes.
Wide choice of files for all the designer’s needs.

Sports facility pools are fundamentally different from garden pools, which is why the latter are presented in the Garden Furniture category.
It could be said that apart from water and its filtration systems, the two categories of swimming pools have very little in common.
The first thing to take into consideration is the different use, from this derive functional and design needs that are far from each other, for this reason we present them in distinct thematic sections: garden pools and pools for wellness centers

In the swimming pool of a swimming facility for collective use, you can swim, learn to swim, or do other activities such as water aerobics, hydrobike, water polo, diving. They are places dedicated to sports so it is hard and you sweat, while garden pools are almost always dedicated to relaxation, sunbathing, playing for the little ones.

Other fundamental differences between the two types of pools concern the opening to the public, the presence of changing rooms, personnel with various tasks and dedicated rooms, as well as more precise and stringent safety and design standards, especially in the case of facilities that can also host competitive competitions and therefore have grandstands, paths and services distinct from those dedicated to access to the pool level.

There may be hybrid solutions, such as a hotel swimming pool, which may not be very large, but has special changing rooms and paths, or that of a larger campsite, but without changing rooms and then there are also water parks. However, in these cases the design is not so much about the swimming pool itself, but the accommodation facility that contains it and therefore the design will more obey the rules and logic of the specific “container”.

In addition to the pool with the related systems, the design of a sports facility with a swimming pool for swimming requires special attention to be paid to the access system, the changing rooms and the pool level. These elements can vary a lot between an outdoor pool and an indoor one and in the second case it is clear that the attention to be paid to the winter heating and air circulation systems is very important.

The practice of swimming is very widespread, decidedly healthy, almost free from the possibility of trauma (you risk more on the pool floor than in the water), recommended by doctors both for the development of the youngest, and for the most varied disabilities, swimming is a activity that keeps fit, relaxes and promotes socialization. It goes without saying that the customers of a swimming facility are very varied and for this reason the design of the spaces must be careful. Even in a small neighborhood pool, the problem is not the pool, which has specific and fairly standardized dimensions and system characteristics, but it will be the accesses, the paths, the changing rooms, the safety on the pool floor and the air quality that will determine the quality of the project.

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