Depending on the type of lighting desired, you can choose between downward diffused light, concentrated light, bounded light and reflected light. Once the type of light has been established, it is good to opt for the most suitable lighting bodies to supply it, there are several models on the market:

On the ceiling, spotlights with track, ceiling lights, suspended lamps; in the false ceiling, recessed spotlights and ceiling lights; from the ground, lamps with stand; on the wall, modern or classic applique.

To correctly calculate the lighting parameters, it is good to consider the individual functions covered by the environment and related sub-zones. In fact, there will be different needs in areas intended for reception, reading, relaxation or conviviality in general.
Whether in residential environments, public buildings, museums or exhibition spaces in general, each light source must be chosen and positioned according to a specific purpose without leaving anything to chance. You can choose from luminaires with diffused, punctual, from above, directional light and with warm or cold shades, there are many choices to achieve the desired lighting quality.
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