The patio house is an architectural typology used since ancient times, and has developed over the centuries especially in the Mediterranean regions also due to the favorable climate. The shape is that of a single-family house with the garden within its perimeter.
The rooms are distributed around the open outdoor space, overlooking it, limiting contact with the external context as much as possible.

In this category there are dwg files useful for the design: patio houses with various distribution and architectural solutions, houses with internal patios.
Wide choice of designs and projects for every designer's need.
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The patio: continuum between internal and external environment
The typology of the house with patio originates in the Roman era with the Domus Pompeiana. This is the matrix that has generated countless variations of patio houses over the years .... >>
Read the interesting article written by Chiara Del Core .... >>


Patio house 11


Patio house 12


Patio house 13


Patio house 14


Patio house 15


Patio house 16

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