In this category there are dwg files useful for planning: multi-residence housing for at least partially self-sufficient seniors, housing with services, rest homes, drawings.
Vast choice of designs and projects for every need of the designer.
The ideal model of home for the elderly or retirement home is that every person or couple in the house has a furnished room.
Additional services are present in the building, spaces and facilities for meals, a meeting place, spaces for recreation, and some form of health care.
The nursing homes must provide guests with a full-service hotel, breakfast, lunch and dinner, basic health care, personal hygiene assistance, physiotherapy with active and passive gymnastics.
The nursing and social-health staff guarantee 24 hours a day, monitoring the health conditions, vital parameters of the guests and where provided, the administration of drug therapies. The animation includes activities such as card games, reading the newspaper, DIY and listening to music television. Each of these functions requires the design of adequate spaces and furnishings.
Multi-residence accommodation for seniors who are at least partially self-sufficient.
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Home functions for the elderly


Residence for the elderly 01


Residence for the elderly 02


Residences for the elderly 03


Retirement home 01

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