In the current panorama there is a renewed interest in the theme of landscape and urban greenery. This factor is caused by the growing collective sensitivity to the environment and by the awareness of today's worrying situation that sees the territory we live in serious danger. This is how environmental movements and associations for environmental protection make their way and demonstrate the need for constantly updated laws on landscape plans.

The urban environment lends itself to accommodate green spaces as active elements with various functions; they fulfill the role of social incubators for sports and leisure activities and improve the environmental and aesthetic conditions of the city. For this reason, today urban greenery has assumed a significant importance, changing its function from a mere residual element to a necessary actor for the community.
Subsequently some of the functions that cover the urban green are mentioned, which contribute to the improvement of the psycho-physical conditions of the individual who lives in the city and lead to the re-naturalization of the city environment.
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