The Fuyj pilot project is an insulated single-family villa built with thermo-acoustic brick and a bearing structure in certified wood. For the construction, cranes with gas propulsion were used and new insulating materials with low environmental impact were introduced.

Bioclimatic design
The design of the villa, according to the criteria of bioclimatic architecture, makes it possible to take advantage of the climatic characteristics of the area, characterized by a continental climate, favoring excellent comfort for the user and guaranteeing considerable energy savings. For this reason, each facade in Fujy is different: transparent but selective towards the south, closed in the north elevation, protected towards the east and west.

Winter bioclimate
Designing with bioclimatic allows you to take advantage of the heat of the sun in winter to heat the spaces thanks to the winter gardens located on the south facade. The "greenhouse" system adjusted for electric grills and home automation windows allows in turn to cool the rooms with summer temperatures.

Summer bioclimate
During the warmer seasons the Fujy house protects itself from the sun's rays and cools itself by exploiting the natural convection and the impulse of fresh air that comes from the north facade.

Comfortable indoor air conditioning all year round
Depending on the climatic needs of the person, the winter gardens allow you to heat or cool the living spaces.
In winter, the hot air that accumulates inside is sent into the rooms while in summer the opposite happens.
Depending on the opening or closing of the two electrical networks located in the wall, in the floor and in the windows of the roof, the user can decide the warmth or coolness he likes best. The use of solar protection slats and the exit of balconies increases the bioclimatic functioning of winter gardens
Selective isolation
Aluminum frames with breakage of the thermal bridge, double glazing, with selective solar control filters and self-cleaning treatment, insulating safety shutters. The walls in thermo-acoustic brick, the pre-finished natural water-repellent plaster, the drywall cladding with recycled paper and plaster, the insulation of the reused wood fiber roof, and the interior finishes of wood that give the house a comfortable thermal inertia . Double entrance door in the north facade.

Efficient air conditioning system
Pre-heating by natural convection of winter gardens, cold / warm radiant floor with modular electronic condensing boiler, solar thermal panels, heat exchange and propane gas cooling. The independent thermal control of each room automatically adjusts the temperature of the radiant floor according to the requirements of each space.

Saving water
Rainwater collection for non-potable use: washing machine, dishwasher, toilet and irrigation of green spaces.
Mechanically and electronically timed taps. Purification of gray and black waters to irrigate green spaces.

Saving electricity.
Efficient lighting system. Automatic switching on and off of the lights in the services and transit areas by means of presence detectors. High performance appliances. Differentiated lighting system based on the expected hours of use. Solar dryer with opaque glass.

Design and functionality
A privileged space that allows you to cook while looking at the external landscape, a separate waste collection system integrated into the furniture, efficient appliances, electronic taps and coatings that guarantee maximum hygiene is Fujy's proposal for the kitchen environment.
Bathrooms and access adapted for people with motor disabilities, temporary or permanent.
In the bathrooms, Fujy proposes the use of timed taps, the safety of the automatic switching on / off of the lights thanks to presence sensors and the recycle of rainwater for the toilet tank. "Who would think of drinking Watrer water?".
The ceramic coating, the state-of-the-art sanitary ware and the use of quartz guarantee maximum hygiene and a modern and welcoming design.

Interior finishes, safety and comfort
Walls dry plaster false ceilings with recycled paper, external platform, wooden doors and panels, natural paints and varnishes, ceramic floors and quartz countertops.
Integral security system thanks to applied home automation, use of armored glass, electric security shutters guarantee protection against theft, fire and flooding of all spaces in the house.
Natural light is controlled in all areas of the house to allow maximum comfort.
The use of automatic self-locking shutters with variable inclination, together with the installation of colored armored glass, allows you to adjust the light level of the spaces according to the user's needs.

We thank for the collaboration:

1. Centro de Eficiencia Energética de UNION FENOSA
2. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM),
3. Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC),
4. Institut Gaudí de la Costrucció,
5. Asociación para el Fomento de las Artes Decorativas (FAD) Fundación Entorno
7. Comunidad de Madrid Comune di El Escorial
9.e il Comune di Brescia “città sostenibile”
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