Technical Memory - Description of the products installed in FUJI

Roller shutter (protection and insulation) and adjustable (light control) ROLL-TEC. Persianr RE-1500 and RE-3000 self-locking extruded aluminum for double wall (insulating and thermo-acoustic).

Continuous pre-finished plaster coating with decorative facade finish, artesanal artisan application of the product.

Aluminum frames (always recyclable material) with thermal break. IVI blade (design element and sun protection).

Termoarcilla® (thermoacoustic clay brick) in the perimeter walls (acoustic and thermal insulation, thermal inertia with minimum day-night temperature variation, the aggregate does not generate residues and is not flammable).

Natural stone. Silestone (quartz).

GUTEX wood fiber thermal insulation (from the remains of carpentry, glue-free, recyclable and compostable). Mineral paints for interiors with dispersion of natural resin and casein (healthy, breathable and antistatic application without harmful volatile substances).

Taps. Electronic models: avoid unnecessary consumption with minimum energy cost. High precision thermostats to minimize energy consumption. Limiter to reduce water consumption. Toilet operation, electronic systems and dual flush buttons (45% savings).

Toilet, bidet and suspended ARQ sinks. Made of sanitary porcelain and with AENOR product certificate Nº 014/000373. Nila whirlpool bathtub.

Product installed with recyclable and reusable materials. The exploitation of space and accessories allows adaptation to the more functional use of a kitchen.

Structural lighting (FIL y DINAMIC L.C.) with T5 florescent lamps that combine reduced sizes and great energy efficiency, offering greater efficiency and "ignition without initial flashing". Aplique BLOC with energy saving E27 lamps.

LS 990 series of Duroplast material in its finishes (long life and resistance to external agents, ecological and halogen free). LS 990 series motion sensors in some areas of the house (they turn on the light if the environment goes below a certain limit, and turn off after the last perceived movement).

CERASMART wall-mounted gas boiler with high efficiency and gas saving, low emission of contaminants 9,7% CO2, NOx <70 mg / kWh (value for natural gas), the best level of DHW, (***) according to European standard prEN 13.203. QuicKTAP system innovator, counts with Bosch Heatronic® electronics.

Fibrogesso Vidiwall plate, with fibers formed from gypsum and improved by adding cellulose from recycled paper.

High-performance appliances: dishwasher, washing machine, oven and microwave oven, induction cooking plate, refrigerator.

Blackboard (traditional natural product, long lasting, resistant, insulating, waterproof and with a favorable environmental insertion).

Solutions of great quality and durability, easy to use and with high performance.

Propane gas (clean, non-contaminating, economical and easily adjustable energy). Absorption system that reduces noise, low air intensity, reduces the impurities and neutralizes bacteria. Minimum energy consumption.
SAINT-GOBAIN Vetreria tecnica
Façade: SGGCLIMALIT® double glazing with SGGPLANITHERM S® glass, thermal insulation (70% reduction of energy losses in winter and 40% of energy supply in summer). Interior: SGGSTADIP® laminated safety glass. glazed dryer and roof windows with SGGSTADIPBIOCLEAN®, safety glass and self-cleaning function; SGGMIRALITEEVOLUTION® ecological mirrors (without biombo in the protective paint) in the bathrooms; SGGSTADIPCOLOR® safety glass; ice effect glass SGGSATINOVOMATECONTRAST®; SGGMASTER GLASS® glass; SGGTHELA® (glass with fabric texture) empty spaces that connect floor 1 with ground floor (take advantage of natural light); SGGBALDOSAGRABADA®, thick glass in the stair tread.

Collection by Roberto Verino for Saloni. Inspiración Celta.

Natural white devilwood panels, flat door with upright and finishes and floating platform (with thermal insulation system) in prefabricated veneer. Outdoor platform in Swedish pine, with outdoor treatment.

CLI, flat solar receptor integrated into the roof (use of solar thermal energy for heating the DHW and / or as a complement to the heating system). GGL, Window with pivot opening, in Nordic pine, with triple layer of acrylic paint, with VELUX control pole. WLF. Interface for the operation of electrical products connected to CombiControl units for sensors, automation or home automation control units. Use for ventilation control (windows that open according to the temperature), with timers and always when it is not raining (rain sensor).

AE air return networks and AEH-11 impulsion and return networks, with extruded aluminum profile and grid. Perimeter frame of 11 mm and horizontal blades fixed at 0 ó 15º. Combination of weatherproof nets with adjustment doors, AWG-JZ-B series, with double function in extraction and extraction openings of ventilation installations, protection against rain and entry of leaves and birds. It allows you to adjust the air flow.

Active participation of the "El Centro de Eficiencia Energética UNION FENOSA"

Fontanería Wirsbo® Quick & Easy®, with minimal possible joints without damaging the characteristics of the water, nor producing toxic products. ®-evalPEX® radiant floor heating powered by solar thermal collectors. Floor with low emission temperature (below 30ºC), imperceptible rising of hot air and minimal production of dust movement.

PEFC-certified wooden slatted frame. High resistance and maximum stability, made of 4.2 cms thick fir wood blades, glued and arranged longitudinally with a pointed spike joint system.

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