I want to renovate my apartment: what should I do? Who can I contact?
What do I have to deliver to the technical offices of my Municipality of Rome to be in compliance with the current legislation?

If you ask yourself these questions, you will be able to find, by reading these lines, the right answers and find the solutions aligned with your expenditure forecasts.
Entrusting the design to our qualified technicians (engineers - architects) and the realization to a specialized company is synonymous with tranquility without having to face the difficulties that an improvised craftsman or a team of self-styled "masters" can reserve. Furthermore, problems deriving from poor quality of work, disputes with the condominium or possible penalties for carrying out works in contrast with current regulations are avoided.
The first step is, therefore, to contact - for an inspection - one of our technicians to whom you can expose your ideas in order to have immediate feedback on the real feasibility as well as be oriented towards a result that meets expectations.

Once the interventions to be carried out have been agreed, our technician will be able to draw up a list of the jobs called "bill of quantities" to be economically quoted by a minimum of 3 specialized firms to have a range of evaluations to choose from.
Once the company carrying out the work has been selected, it is necessary to assess whether or not it is necessary to submit a communication to the competent Municipality (for the Rome area) before the work begins.

Let's see, therefore, an indicative and not exhaustive list of the main interventions that can be performed without any kind of authorization (Free Building Activity):
  • ordinary maintenance interventions such as the demolition and reconstruction of internal floors, the demolition and reconstruction of internal plasters and their coloring;
  • the installation, for safety reasons, of gratings and windows in the window compartment inside the wall;
    interventions aimed at eliminating architectural barriers that do not involve the construction of external ramps or elevators, or artifacts that alter the shape of the building;
  • temporary works for research activities in the subsoil which have a geognostic nature, with the exception of hydrocarbon research activities, and which are carried out in areas outside the built-up center;
  • the movements of earth strictly relevant to the exercise of agricultural activity and agro-forestry-pastoral practices, including interventions on agricultural plumbing systems;
  • the seasonal mobile greenhouses, without masonry structures, functional to the conduct of agricultural activity. (pursuant to Article 17 of Legislative Decree No. 128 of 2006 "The installation of liquefied petroleum gas deposits with a total capacity not exceeding 13 cubic meters is considered, for urban planning and construction purposes, free building activity, as governed by Article 6 of Presidential Decree 380 of 2001 ").

Jobs for which, however, it is necessary to submit a C.I.L. (Communication Start of Works) are:
  • external paving and finishing works of external spaces, also for rest areas (arrangement of gardens and courtyards pertaining to buildings, without altering the existing dimensions also through the placement of modest ornamental elements such as statues, flower boxes, barbecue benches with heights and areas of less than 2.00 m and 2.00 m2 respectively (subject to verification of any landscape restrictions)
  • non-profit play areas and furnishing elements of the appurtenant areas of the buildings.
Jobs that need a one C.I.L.A (Certified Commencement of Works Communication) are:
  • Demolition and / or new construction of partitions, also for the creation of new rooms;
  • Creation of false ceilings (without bearing capacity);
  • Modification of existing vertical connections (stairs, lifts, freight elevators) within the single real estate unit, without interfering with the structural parts of the building;
  • opening or closing of doorways on internal non-load-bearing walls;
  • new installation of technological systems (with the exception of systems powered by renewable sources) and integration of sanitary facilities without altering the volumes, surfaces and appearance of the property subject to intervention.

Finally we see the jobs that need S.C.I.A (Certified Start of Activity Report)
  • Demolition and / or new construction of partitions, also for the creation of new rooms and any ordinary maintenance if performed in buildings and special complexes identified in the Quality Charter or within the Historic City (Article 24 paragraph 21 of the NTA of the PRG of Rome);
  • Construction of non-practicable mezzanines with a useful height not exceeding 1.50 m, after structural verification and deposit of the project at the offices of the Civil Engineers;
  • Modification of existing vertical connections (stairs, lifts, goods lifts) within the single real estate unit, which also concern the structural parts of the building, after structural verification;
  • Replacement of parts, including structural parts of the real estate unit, such as portions of the floor, deteriorated beams, etc .;
  • Opening and / or closing of doorways on load-bearing masonry, after structural verification and deposit of the project at the offices of the Civil Engineering Department;
  • Unification of contiguous real estate units, both horizontally and vertically;
  • Replacement of external fixtures with others having different characteristics compared to the pre-existing ones;
  • Replacement of roofing mantles if with different characteristics compared to pre-existing ones;
  • Consolidation of vertical structures;
  • Demolition and reconstruction of internal floors if in the absence of surface increase and modification of the pre-existing tax quotas;
  • Realization of fire escapes;
The supervision of a qualified technician will obviously allow you to preserve the integrity of the structural parts of the building and avoid reductions in load-bearing capacity in the case of historic load-bearing masonry buildings.

In case of intervention on load-bearing elements, our technicians will prepare an adequate project according to the dictates of the law for obtaining the necessary permits for structural works.
Subsequently, during the works, the presence of the technician as Project Manager is a guarantee of quality as well as safety for the proper conduct of construction site activities.

With a view to total transparency, our staff puts at your disposal engineers, architects and qualified companies who can help you in your choices and provide you with a complete service from the preliminary inspection to the realization or simply assistance in the phases you deem appropriate.
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