Diagramma a blocchi per la valutazione delle condizioni di comfort nella progettazione/riqualificazione di ambienti urbani

What is the radiant landscape
We are talking about radiant landscape, but in reality this definition of landscape does not exist. However, there are phenomena related to solar and terrestrial radiation that interact with physical spaces, interfering and therefore modifying the thermal behavior of an urban space.

The diagram is available in dwg version in the category Bioclimatic

These phenomena are partly controllable and verifiable.
So for us the radiant landscape is that area of study and action on the territory which allows us, through the use of appropriate technologies, to control the action of radiant flows, so that their action can be controlled, resized or encouraging its effects.

The bioclimatic design of urban spaces
Arch. Valentina Dessì
Politecnico di Milano - Department of Sciences and Technologies of the Built Environment

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