• Rules on the geometric characteristics of suburban roads - B.U. of the C.N.R. n. 78 dated 07/28/1980.

  • Law 28 June 1991 n. 208 Interventions for the creation of cycle and pedestrian routes in urban areas - Official Gazette no. 165 dated 07/16/1991.

  • Law Decree 30 April 1992 n. 185 New Highway Code - Official Gazette no. 114 of 18-05-1992.

  • Le piste ciclabili: Appunti per una normativa riguardante il traffico ciclistico nel nuovo regolamento viario a cura degli arch. Roberto Gabrieli e Vittorio Centioni.  

  • Cycle routes: European experiences and application ideas by Eng. Marco Passigato - Technical manager of the Friends of the Bicycle. M. Cozzi - S. Ghiacci - M. Passigato

  • Bike paths - Design manual and guide to traffic control, ed. Il Sole 24 Ore 1999

  • The latent territory: the stream from "La Città Latente - Il Segno di Parma".

  • Il territorio latente: per una rete di percorsi verdi da "La Città Latente - Il Segno di Parma".

  • Reorganization of the street space: the experience of the Dutch erven - Alberto Marescotti and Paola Zoccarato.

  • General plan of cycle and pedestrian paths of provincial interest - Autonomous Province of Trento - Environmental Restoration and Enhancement Service - edited by Renata Albertini and Aldo Saporito - Trento 1993.

  • Emilia-Romagna by bicycle - Guide to the regional network of cycle paths - published by the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Italian Touring Club - Touring Editore s.r.l. 1996.

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