Tools and Utilities, Geometries, Golden Rectangle, Golden Section, definition, geometric construction, The Golden Spiral, The Fibonacci series, Descriptive geometry, Descriptive Geometry Lessons, Fractals: the geometry of nature, Software, Tools for technical drawing - history and evolution, Compass, Goniometer, Graphos, nibs, Rapidograph, Razor blade, Furniture mask, Circumference masks, ellipsometers, Normograph, Nib for dashed lines, Spider mite, Slide rule, Scalimeter, Squares - squares, Drawing-machine - drawing board, Tratteggigrafo, Metric calculations, Various utilities, Units of measurement, Sections area, Specific timber weights, Paper formats, System measurement units, International, RAL colors table, ASCII characters table, Specific weights table, Flat geometric figures table, Area shapes and perimeter flat figures .
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