Green parking lots

to reduce the impact of the asphalt

The solutions shown allow large parking areas to reduce the harmful visual impact of a large expanse of asphalt. As an alternative to the self-locking, there is the "structural lawn" made with honeycomb-shaped polyethylene elements that help consolidate the soil for a lawn that can be immediately used by vehicles.

The image represents the technical solution for consolidating the soil for the formation of a draining and perfectly drive-over turf.
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The green areas of urban centers have a specific purpose that goes beyond the aesthetic and recreational one, in fact these areas, unlike those paved with concrete, asphalt or other waterproof systems, allow the natural infiltration of rainwater into the ground, thus attenuating the flooding phenomena that occur more and more often in our cities.
The surface covered by grass with a structural lawn is approximately 90% and contributes entirely to the drainage of rainwater. In addition, the possibility of using grassy areas in urban centers allows the creation of green spaces, natural habitats of insects and small animals.