Tesi di Laurea

Thesis title: Second access to the Materdei metro - Sanità district in Naples

Adriano Ruzza

e-mail: adriano.ruzza@gmail.com
Sapienza University of Rome
Degree in Building Engineering-Architecture
Thesis supervisors: Prof. Ing. Marina Pugnaletto, Prof. Ing. Augusto Desideri, Prof. Ing. Massimo Coppi
A.A .: 2018-2019

The proposed project responds to a competition notice launched by the Municipality of Naples which with resolution no.269, adopted by the Council on May 28, 2018 on the proposal of the Councilor for Infrastructure and Transport Mario Calabrese.
The present intervention therefore aims to increase the accessibility of the Materdei station of Line 1 of the Naples Metro by creating a new access in the populous Sanità district.
The new underground route aims to reuse an extensive tufaceous cavity built in 1761 and subsequently used as an air-raid shelter during the Second World War. The result is an important redevelopment and enhancement of the municipal heritage through the safeguarding and setting up of the internal and external spaces with particular regard to the reuse of the cavity itself.
Access to the cavity is located at the foot of the via Telesino stairs (at the confluence of via Sanità and via Fontanelle), and from here, the cavity heads north-west, towards the Materdei station for a length of about 120 m. From here a mechanized path, built inside a newly built tunnel, and escalators will allow you to reach the platform quay of the Materdei station.
The proposed designs are owned by Ruzza Adriano.

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