Tesi di Laurea

Reading and Project - San Polo dei Cavalieri

Thesis by Alessandro Bruccoleri

Email: hidebruk@gmail.com
La Sapienza-Vallegiulia-Rome / Magistral Architecture U.E. 4 / s
Supervisor: Prof. Arch. Giuseppe Strappa
A.A. 2012 - 2013

My design research starts from the study of a medieval village in the province of Rome, exactly the area north-east of the capital. The choice of this area is dictated both by personal roots and by the desire to intervene on a heritage rich in testimonies of historical, artistic and architectural interest and therefore of high value, also in function of a possible decentralization from the city of Rome to the province that does not it is less regarding the potential in terms of cultural heritage.

Intervening in this important context requires an in-depth study that starts from the morphology of the territory and arrives at the development of the building training process, continuing this evolution over time through a project.
Rediscover the memory of man-made places by intervening in their settlement fabric, understanding the genesis of the organism in order to reconcile the human-environment relationship through the knowledge of the spirit of the place, of memory, of the landscape, of the building fabric and of the materials and therefore of the context in which it operates.

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