Tesi di Laurea

Redevelopment of a former industrial area for a multifunctional cultural space

Thesis by Chiara Bellomi
Contact email: arch.bellomi@gmail.com

University of Rome La Sapienza - "Valle Giulia" Architecture
Speaker: prof. Arch. Fabio Quici
A.A. 2011 - 2012

Project for the recovery and functional transformation of a former industrial area of 26,000 m2 that has been abandoned for decades, the former Avir glassworks, located in a strategic point in the city of Gaeta (LT), close to both the center and the sea, to preserve and enhance the architectural aspect of the industrial typology trying to maintain the current shape and facade and inserting new elements. This pole represents a fragment abandoned in the urban context, devoid of a plot of functional and formal relationships; therefore the need arises to involve the entire area and the abandoned warehouses, once used for the production and storage of bottles, in the project.

The creation of:
  • a multifunctional cultural space of public and social interest that also attracts winter tourism, including temporary and permanent exhibition spaces, auditorium, library, reading room, offices, information point, restaurant and bar;
  • an educational space, with a children's museum and study rooms;
  • an open space with, on one side, a skate park with a freeclimbing wall that connects the area to an existing sports facility, on the other micro urban spaces overlooked by bookshops, co-working and bars and finally a square for exhibitions;
  • a green space configured for maximum use.
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