Tesi di Laurea

The sea front of Trieste. Complex [c] ity: evolutionary dynamics and intervention strategies in Portovecchio

Degree thesis by Danilo Di Lorenzo
Contact email: d.diLorenzo1977@libero.it

University of G. D'Annunzio Chieti - Pescara
Faculty of Architecture - A.A. 2005 - 2006
Speaker: prof. Giangiacomo D'Ardia
Co-rapporteurs: Arch. Barbara Falcone - Arch. Giovanni Palermo

The study of the city of Trieste highlights many of the problems related to the city-ports: traffic, decommissioning, degradation, demographic thinning. The Thesis examines the possibility of managing the multiplicities in play by means of a minimum number of elements, variable in time and space. The overall project is managed by a mathematical-compositional system that acts as a substrate for a future management software for the urban transformation of Trieste. The conceptual elaboration of this system draws on recently developed fields:
_Fractal Reality and Complexity Science.
Based on these concepts, the elements of the project, divided into Fixed (connecting structures and equipped paths) and Mobile (temporary receptive / fitting structures), invading the interstitial spaces between the historic buildings (Urban void), short-circuit continuously touching the possibility of creating a changing, sustainable and continuously evolving city.
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