Roma contemporanea
The Eurosky Tower is a skyscraper in Rome, the tallest civil building in the city and one of the tallest residential towers in Italy. Built on the project of the architect Franco Purini, it is located in Torrino, a residential area bordering the EUR. The project is inspired by the medieval towers of the city, such as the Torre delle Milizie.
The skyscraper, made of concrete and steel covered with lamellar granite, has the facades marked by the regular holes in the balconies. The Eurosky tower is divided into two vertical prisms, each of which served by two blocks of stairs and elevators, connected by bridges which house part of the technical systems inside them.

Other rooms intended for plants are located at the top of the building, crowned by a large structure that supports a wall of photovoltaic panels. At the end of the roof a large antenna for telecommunications is projected. Finally, the support structure of the photovoltaic panels creates a sort of fold of the external facade of the tower.

The skyscraper has a total height of 120 meters, marked by 28 floors plus 5 "technical" floors. The building is located in the Europarco Business Park, in the IX Municipality (ex XII), just outside the administrative boundaries of the EUR. The design of the structures is by SBG & Partners S.p.a. From Rome. Over 100 million euros were spent on the construction of the work. Next to the residential skyscraper is the Europarco Tower. The Eurosky Tower and the Europarco Tower were completed in mid 2012.

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