Guerrero House Architetture famose
"Build a house full of well-agreed light and shadow.
We built very high walls, 8 meters high, on a 33x18 meter rectangle, of which we covered the central band of 9x18 meters. We raise the roof of the central square by 9x9 until reaching the height of 8 meters of the walls. To fill the central space of the shadows, we open its two sides in front and behind creating 3 meter deep porches that protect these holes from the sun and temper the light. On both sides, bedrooms and bathrooms.
In the front patio, at the entrance of the house, four orange trees mark the center and the main axis, flanked by walls that hide the service areas. In the back yard, four other orange trees lined up. And in the end, dug into the ground, a swimming pool with water from one side to the other.
A house that is a luminous twilight built ".
Alberto Campo Baeza

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