Tesi di Laurea

Sewing intervention between the historic center and the port in San Benedetto del Tronto: new urban equipment

Thesis by Marco Testa

E-mail: m.testa@yahoo.it
Marche Polytechnic University
Master of Science in Building Engineering-Architecture
Speaker: Prof. Arch. Paolo Bonvini
A.A. 2010 - 2011

The project is located within the urban context of San Benedetto del Tronto and is configured as an urban square on several levels. In fact, near the road, some "clods" of ground rise, creating artificial dunes that bring the square to high altitude through stairs and access ramps. The new configuration of the shipyards constitutes the scenographic background of the new square, which provides the opportunity to lodge below the new urban services, the main of which is the theater. Cultural center of gravity of the area, the theater complex consists of a central body and two volumes placed side by side: the central element houses the services and paths, marked by the alternation of the columns. The volumes next to the central volume host the show rooms: the first room, formally richer, consists of a series of variously oriented areas, each of which constitutes a sector with a certain number of seats. The strong point of the second room is the foyer, which houses an exhibition space that reverberates the changing colors of the LED-illuminated casing in the space.
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