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ARCHITECTURE IN THE INTELLECTUAL GROWTH OF CHILDREN: Project of a Nursery School in the neighborhood of "Piedra Roja" - Comuna di Colina (Chile)

Thesis by Matteo Cornaglia

E-mail: matteocornaglia@libero.it
POLITECNICO DI TORINO (II Faculty of Architecture - Master of Science in Architecture)
PONTIFICIA UNIVERSIDAD CATÒLICA DE CHILE (Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Estudios Urbanos)
Speakers: - Paolo Mellano (Italy) / Patricio Schmidt Correa (Chile)
A.A. 2012 - 2013

In architectural design, form and function must be one, in order to constitute an indivisible whole, where the final design bases the aesthetic and formal parameters with the clearly functional ones. This work tries to find the right balance between the challenges of architectural design - spatial and constructive challenges - and the material, structural, bioclimatic, legislative and estimative ones.
The objective of this Degree project is to develop the project of a real kindergarten 100% buildable, without losing sight of the importance of the natural environment, and therefore of the built environment (architecture), which they have a fundamental role in the development of the individual, especially in childhood. The development of intelligence occurs from the triangular relationship between the body of one, the body of another and the object (environment as object). This presupposes a dialogue between man and the built environment, which highlights the semiotic importance of the aforementioned object.
The relationship between the child and his environment is presented as a system of communication-meaning (semiotics), which requires an understanding of the figure of the environment as language. Communication with the medium (environment) therefore depends on how interesting the perception of the language is by the child. It is therefore necessary to study in detail the perceptual characteristics of the user of a Nursery School, to establish an architectural language that generates a dialogue and in this way manages to actively participate in the building in the process of intellectual growth.
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