Tesi di Laurea

Redevelopment of the Monte Mario Linear Park: The RED-Line Park

Thesis by Simone Catalani

E-mail: simone.catalani@me.com
Sapienza University of Rome - Faculty of Architecture Valle Giulia
Master's degree in landscape architecture
Supervisor: Prof. Arch. Achille Maria Ippolito
Co-supervisor: PhD student Laura Alessi
A.A. 2015 - 2016

The requalification and refunctionalization of the Monte Mario Natural Park is the main objective of the project.
We are located in the North-West part of the city of Rome, between the Flaminio, Trionfale, Balduina, Prati and Camilluccia districts, touching the municipalities 1,2,14,15.
The park is one of the main green lungs of the capital; it is not the largest but the one with the most important altitude excursion.
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