Zamet Center Architetture
3DLH - Zamet Center
3DLH Architects - B. Vidas Street, Zamet, Rijeka, Croatia, 2004-2008

Located in the Zamet district of Rijeka, the new Zamet Center in the total size of 16830 m2 houses various facilities: sports hall with 2100 seats, local community offices, library, 13 commercial and service spaces and a garage with 250 parking spaces .

One third of the gym volume is underground and the rest of the center is completely inserted in the surrounding landscape. The main architectural element of the building consists of linear strips in the shape of a tape that extend north-south on the site, simultaneously functioning as an architectural design element of the object and as a zoning element that forms a public square and a connection between the car park in the north and the school and B. Vidas in the south .... See complete data sheet and project drawings .... >>

Project: 3LHD Architects
Photographs: Domagoj Blazevic

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