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The importance of desk ergonomics

A fundamental prerogative for choosing the desk in an informed way is ergonomics. This piece of furniture must be designed to ensure the safety and health of the user. In fact, the problems deriving from the incorrect posture that workers maintain for many hours every day are more and more widespread. In addition to opting for a seat that follows the lines of the body, it is necessary to choose a desk that allows adequate housing of the legs and a correct arrangement of the arms.

In addition, it is good to take some small precautions in daily habits, thanks to which the user will increase their level of comfort. The space left empty between the PC keyboard and the worker must guarantee the accommodation of the forearms, while it will take at least 50 cm between the screen and the eyes to preserve sight. Furthermore, for the worktop it is preferable to choose light and not very reflective colors, able to calibrate the light and maintain the right atmosphere for the user.

In a period in which work has found a new dimension within the home, it is essential to pay particular attention to the choices that are made, to promote constant personal well-being.

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Material and stylistic choices

From an aesthetic point of view, materials and colors play an important role in defining the style and final result of the desk. The most popular materials are PVC, MDF, wood, glass and metals; the first two are the cheapest and most versatile, suitable for all environments, they are also used for the worktops of children's bedrooms. The desks in plastic material can be colored or with variegated shapes and are distinguished by their simple maintenance. Wood is perhaps the oldest material and used for high-quality desks, introduced during the medieval period. Today, it continues to have an excellent response, even if the material, more robust and durable, involves higher costs. Given this fact, to improve performance, the wood is treated with a layer of varnish that increases its durability and preserves its integrity. Finally, glass and metal are the most precious and particular materials, used above all in desks intended for studios and living rooms. Metal is one of the most resistant materials and for this reason it ensures a very long life. Glass, on the other hand, gives elegance but is more fragile. Both materials require careful maintenance and continuous cleaning because they tend to attract dust.

Classic style solid wood desk                                         Modern crystal desk

In any case, the desk must also be chosen according to the style of your home. In more classic and rustic-looking environments, wooden desks are the most suitable: equipped with drawers with brass handles and sinuous shapes, they will fit in consistently. For lovers of minimal and modern style, the perfect desk will have clean lines and a square shape. The white pvc or the light wood top is preferred for an immediate Scandinavian "effect". In this case, the shelf positioned inside a niche will also be indicated, in the case of small rooms. Otherwise, if you appreciate the original and extravagant pieces of furniture, the vintage desks in raw wood with drawers and sturdy legs, will give a shabby-retro touch. Finally, in modern and elegant homes, study corners that blend perfectly into the environment will be preferred, thanks to the use of refined glass and metal desks.

The desk and the "extra touch"

In order to keep the study corner tidy and customize your workstation, it will be good to pay attention to details and better meet your needs. In this regard, depending on the needs, the desk can be equipped with drawers and shelves where you can keep everything close at hand. In case you want to arrange files or texts necessary for your profession, you can integrate a small library.
Large work desk with matching industrial style chest of drawers

Sometimes, storage boxes or supports for Tablet and mobile devices will also be useful. To recharge these systems, cables and cable glands or holes integrated in the support surface will be required, to avoid the accumulation of wires and electrical extensions. Finally, if the desk is positioned in a domestic environment where noise is affected, it will be very useful to integrate some sound-absorbing panels capable of increasing the concentration of those who have to work and also contribute to the decoration of the walls.

Dezibel acoustic partition by Zilenzio - from

It is necessary to remember to equip the desk with adequate lighting, through table lamps that must diffuse a punctual light, considered indispensable as it is a real work surface.
In conclusion, it is of fundamental importance to keep in mind that a properly organized environment will be able to maximize work results and consequently personal satisfaction.

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