What should I do to download the drawings for free?
Archweb.com has 4 download categories, two of which are completely free.

Files marked with green and burgundy are free to download.
With the green you can download freely without registration.

The files marked with the red-burgundy color can be downloaded for free but you must register by entering your data in the "My profile" section, because we want to avoid abuse of our service.
Every day we develop new drawings and project schemes to support the professional in their design work, we do it with passion and professionalism and we think it is right and correct that they are managed with responsibility.
Are famous architectures included in the Premium subscription?
No, famous architectures can only be purchased individually, each famous architecture file has its own price.
Can I insert Archweb drawings in my projects?
Yes, always and in any case, we work for this. The drawings can be "used" for both purely amateur, study and professional purposes. There are no restrictions on personal and professional use other than improper disclosure on other websites or by any other means and means.

Do I have to be registered to make a purchase?

Yes, to make a purchase you must register. If you purchased a digital product you can download it from your personal area, manage your purchases and request assistance after the sale if necessary.
If you haven't already done so, REGISTER NOW

How do I make a purchase?
Placing an order online is very easy:
1. Search for the drawing or project file you want by direct search or by browsing the architectures
2. Choose the one that's right for you and click on the "Buy now" button
3. Select the payment method you prefer, fill in your data and confirm the order.
You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the data of your order.
You can immediately download the file from your personal area, entitled "MY ORDERS"
I can't complete the purchase, what can I do?
Check that you have not made any typing errors, that the spending limit on your card has not been exceeded, or that the card has not expired.
If you still have problems, contact us.

How do I know if my order has been placed correctly?
Your new order appears immediately in your personal area, in "MY ORDERS", where you can find all the data and info about the purchase.
We also send you a confirmation email with all the order data. If you don't receive it, check it in the spam folder.
If the new order is not present in your personal area and you have not received the confirmation email, it is likely that the order has not been correctly completed.

I haven't received the order confirmation email, what can I do?
Check that the order has been correctly entered and is present in your orders.
If the order is present, control if you are checking with the same email with which you made the purchase.
You can check the email used by entering in your Personal Area> Name, email and password
If it is correct, check it in the spam folder.

What should I do if I forget the access data?
If you have forgotten your PASSWORD: for security reasons it is not possible to recover your old password, but you can request a new one by clicking on Login> Lost password.
If you have forgotten the EMAIL with which you access to your personal area: for privacy reasons it is not possible to recover it, but you can proceed with a new registration.

Can I change the email with which I access the personal area?
Sure! To modify it, access to your personal area, in the Name, email and password section. There, you can submit your new email.
The new email must be valid and in use, and we will send you an email with a link to click for confirmation.

Are all the products I see available?
Yes of course, they are always available.

I bought and downloaded a file, can I change my mind and ask for a refund?
No, once the digital product download has started it is not possible to request a refund for any reason

Do the prices include VAT?
All prices are to be considered as retail prices and therefore include VAT (22%).

Is there a limit to the purchase of famous architectures?
Yes, there is a limit of 8 architectures within 12 months from the purchase of the first one.

Can I have an invoice?
Of course, when you are on the purchase page you can select the "Request invoice" button and the form for entering data will open.
You can choose whether to make the invoice payable to a natural person, freelancer or company.
Check that the billing information entered is correct.
Attention: it is possible to request an invoice only during the purchase phase, subsequently it will no longer be possible to obtain it.
The electronic invoice will be managed by the Revenue Agency's Exchange System, according to the procedures provided for by law.
We will however send you an email with a courtesy copy attached in pdf format.