Construction of a swimming pool

Detail photos of the various construction phases

The construction of a swimming pool may require several steps and considerations. Here is a general overview of the process of building a swimming pool:

Designing: The first phase involves designing the pool. You will need to decide on the size, shape, depth and other details such as desired accessories (e.g. slides, whirlpool, lighting). It may be useful to work with a landscape architect or a professional specialising in pool design.

Authorisations and permits: Before starting construction, you should obtain the necessary authorisations and permits from the local authorities. Regulations may vary depending on your location, so be sure to follow local guidelines and complete all required procedures.

Excavation: Once the permits have been obtained, the ground will have to be excavated to create the necessary space for the pool. Make sure that the excavation is done accurately and that the dimensions are appropriate for the project.

Structure and installations: The pool will be equipped with a support structure, usually made of reinforced concrete. Drainage systems, water pipes and other necessary installations, such as filtration and heating systems, will also be placed.

Coating: Once the basic structure has been completed, the pool will be coated with a waterproofing material, ceramic tiles, resin or other type of coating.

Finishing: After cladding, the final finishing touches will be made, which may include laying flooring around the pool, installing safety fencing, lighting and landscaping.

Filling and water treatment: Once the pool has been completed, it will be filled with water and the necessary treatments will be carried out to keep the water clean and safe to use.

It is important to bear in mind that building a swimming pool can take time and careful planning. It is advisable to consult a swimming pool construction professional to ensure that all steps are followed correctly and that local safety rules and regulations are respected.

Construction of a swimming pool in Sardinia
The various construction phases:
1. Excavation, piping and reinforcement
2. Casting of the concrete
3. Beginning of the perimeter reinforced masonry
4. Perimeter walls defined
5. Stairs, walls and paved access paths to the swimming pool
6. The finished swimming pool with its bean shape
7. Last stages of processing 

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Swimming pool with bar


Private swimming pool 01


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