Lessons of Descriptive Geometry

Lessons by Prof. Riccardo Migliari in the A.Y. 1994-95

University of Rome "La Sapienza" Faculty of Architecture

Lessons in Descriptive Geometry by Prof. Riccardo Migliari

The lessons of prof. Migliari have been accurately reported in the notebook, all entirely written, drawn and colored by hand.
I remember prof. Migliari as an extraordinary teacher, descriptive geometry for many was not an easy subject, he was able with simplicity to expose complex concepts and make everything clear and understandable for everyone.

We are sure that the publication of these lectures will be a valuable aid to understanding this fantastic subject.

For the curiosity of many, the graph on the left side of the cover is an example of anamorphosis application. If you place the cover of the thesis in a horizontal position and look at the graph you will be able to read the words "Descriptive geometry".

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