Expo 2015 – Germany Pavilion

The German pavilion at Expo Milano 2015

The pavilion called "Fields of Ideas" conveys to visitors a new and unexpected image of Germany: open, affable and fun but taking the theme of the EXPO seriously and providing a credible and authentic contribution.
The name "Fields of Ideas" is expressed in the architecture recalling the typical German landscape of fields and corridors in the form of a gently sloping landscape plan.
With its design and content, it creates awareness of the forces of nature as essential sources of our nourishment, which will need to be better protected and used intelligently in the future.
The exhibition not only points to surprising solutions from business, research and politics, but also exciting ideas from engaged civil society. At the same time, the pavilion invites visitors in various ways to become active themselves.

The central design element of the pavilion are stylized plants that grow as "seedlings of ideas" from the exposure to the surface, where they unfold like a large canopy of leaves. They combine indoor and outdoor space, exhibition and architecture.
The path through the thematic exhibition leads from food sources - soil, water, climate and biodiversity - to the production and consumption of food in the urban world. The German Pavilion actively involves visitors. With the “SeedBoard”, a mobile interaction field with which it is possible to control the exhibitions and, according to one's interests, to recall in-depth multimedia contents, each visitor has an exhibition companion in his hands. Based on the motto of the German Pavilion, the “SeedBoard” becomes a very personal “Field of Ideas”.

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology, the ARGE German Pavilion EXPO 2015 Milan was commissioned by Messe Frankfurt to build the German Pavilion. As general contractor, ARGE is responsible for the planning and construction of the German pavilion and the exhibition. Milla & Partner is responsible for the content concept as well as the media and exhibition design, while SCHMIDHUBER from Munich is responsible for the spatial concept, architecture and overall planning. NUSSLI Germany from Roth near Nuremberg takes care of project management and construction work.