Villa Capra called La Rotonda

Andrea Palladio - Villa Capra known as La Rotonda, Vicenza, 1566

Villa Almerico Capra known as La Rotonda (also known as Villa Capra Valmarana) is a central-plan Venetian villa located close to the city of Vicenza, not far from the Riviera Berica road. Built by Paolo Almerico, who commissioned Andrea Palladio in 1566-1567, it was led by Vincenzo Scamozzi in 1605 for the two Capra brothers, who had acquired the building in 1591.
La Rotonda, as it became known later, is one of the most famous and imitated buildings in the history of modern architecture; it is undoubtedly the most famous villa in Palladio and probably of all the Venetian villas. It has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1994...