Elysurfaces – Heliport

Dedicated areas for helicopter landing, takeoff and parking

Heliports or helipads are areas designated for helicopter takeoff, landing, and parking. They are designed to ensure maximum safety and efficiency during helicopter flight operations. Here are some general technical information:

Dimensions: The dimensions of a heliport depend on the type and size of helicopters that will be used. They must be large enough to allow safe maneuvers during landing and takeoff.

Surface: The surface of the heliport should be smooth and free of obstacles. It is often made of concrete, asphalt, or similar materials to provide a stable and sturdy surface.

Lighting: Heliports are often equipped with lighting systems to enable operations at night or in low visibility conditions. These systems may include signaling lights, approach lights, and guidance lights.

Signage: Heliports need to be well marked to allow helicopters to easily identify them. This may include painted markings on the heliport surface, light signals, and radio signals.

Protection: To ensure the safety of people and buildings nearby, heliports may be equipped with protections such as fences or safety zones.

Regulations: Heliports are subject to specific regulations established by competent authorities, defining the rules for the design, construction, and operation of heliports to ensure the safety of air operations.

Support Services: Heliports may be equipped with support services such as fueling stations, maintenance hangars, and air traffic control facilities.

Location: Heliports are often located in strategic areas such as hospitals, rescue facilities, offshore platforms, and urban centers to allow quick and efficient access in emergencies or for transport services.

These are just some basic technical information regarding heliports. The design and construction of heliports must take into account a range of specific factors, including the needs of helicopter operators, local regulations, and environmental conditions of the site.

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