Freelance Editor is looking for external collaborators who can work from home in withholding tax or VAT number. No recruitment is envisaged at this stage.
The contractor should produce the articles to be published on as a freelance editor.
We are looking for those who can write content in the field of architecture and design in general, who know the sector and can satisfy the demands and needs of the Archweb reader / user because they know it and know what they want. Or it is able to analyze in depth the design professional's questions, needs, requests and wishes.
The articles requested must have high editorial requirements

The themes proposed are:

  • Architectural and Interior Design
  • Construction technologies in construction
  • Environment and landscape
  • CAD drawing, rules and tricks for using AutoCAD

Characteristics of the articles:

a. The articles must be original: it is not possible to publish articles published elsewhere and it is not possible to copy articles from other Italian or foreign websites.
b. It is not possible to publish the articles produced for elsewhere as these become the property of Archweb Srl.
c. The choice of articles is agreed, the traces that will be written will be indicated: therefore, inventiveness is not required in the production of the articles.
d. The articles must be produced from an SEO perspective and in a clear manner and taking into account that the reference user may have medium-low knowledge on the subject matter.
e. The articles must be produced and inserted directly on our publishing platform.

The price we pay (price update from 01.01.2022)
The commission is related to the amount of writing

The price paid for an article is quantified in 0.020 euros per word.
(The count made with Word is valid )

We have chosen this type of evaluation to conform to the current market and to ensure greater accuracy than the actual amount of writing. Of course it goes without saying that we want to receive quality articles in both writing and content.
The article can be accompanied by drawings in dwg format specially developed, in this case the fee must be agreed.
The images (max 5 per article) must be related to the text, royalty free 1.20 euro each.
The amount of each single image must be added to that of the article.

Payment will be made every two articles or according to the author's preferences, by bank transfer or for international transactions via Paypal upon receipt of the invoice or receipt.

Each author / editor will have his own reference page with photos and biography, all his articles beyond the category in which they will be published will be visible on this page.

We have classified the articles in:

1. Basic articles
(short articles, product descriptions, drawings, technological solutions): 20 to 500 words.
Some basic articles may be published without a signature, the collaborator acts as a ghostwriter.
Many drawings of the category "CAD blocks" need a precise description, we expect valid collaborations that can help us in the actual description of the design content. Any suggestions on the use of the drawing and its possible potentials or variants will also be appreciated.

2. Articles with average length: 500 to 1500 words
They are enriched with some photos to facilitate the user's understanding of the content.

3. In-depth articles (articles with maximum length): From 1500 to 3000 words
They are enriched with photos and graphic diagrams to facilitate the user's understanding of the content.
The articles are published with the signature of the author who acts as a collaborator.
To start collaborating with Archweb you need:

1 - Submitting an article. Writing of a basic article chosen by the author among the proposed themes.
The submitted article will not be used on but only to check the quality of the writing.
Articles must be sent in DOC format.

2 - Sending the curriculum and, if available, articles published in the past for editorial publications of architecture, design, furniture, building technologies.

3 - Number of articles you think you can write each month.

4 - Previous experience as a Web editor is welcome but not mandatory, preferably in the field of interior design and architecture in general.

Send the application by e-mail to