is an Architecture Services Portal, a container of CAD tools necessary for architectural design.
We want to be useful in the project formation process, we turn to architects, engineers, surveyors, construction professionals but also to university students and architecture enthusiasts.
For 17 years we have been providing content in the form of ideas, schemes, examples of complete projects and the most important architectures on the Italian and international scene.

Our products and services:
  • Dwg CAD blocks for all design categories available for free download and by subscription.
  • Dwg database, vast and complete collection of drawings available on USB stick.
  • Textures database, vast and complete collection of textures sorted by categories of materials for architectural rendering
  • Famous architectures - 2D and 3D drawings of the most important and famous architects. The projects of the greatest architects of the past and contemporaries designed in Autocad dwg format.
  • Architectures in History - dwg drawings of historical pre-modern architecture

We undertake to publish:
  • Photo galleries - photographs of historical and contemporary architecture.
  • Degree thesis in Architecture and Engineering
  • Articles on the most important issues regarding architecture, design, greenery and garden planning.

About us

A nice quote on:
"They are all there: Shigeru, Tadao, Odile, Renzo, Santiago, Massimiliano, Norman, Frank, Rem, Kazuyo, Zaha ... ...
Yet it is not the last series on "The great architects" that "cannot be missing from your library. From Saturday the first issue as a gift with the newspaper. Ask for it on newsstands! "

If you study (or have studied) architecture and the like, the men and women protagonists of LESS OR MORE, you don't know them simply because they are important personalities in the sector. By purchasing monographs, studying their construction details or visiting their exhibitions (and Biennials) it is almost natural to come to consider them life companions, like the friend you share (or have shared) days and nights between drawings, render and models. And perhaps this was the intuition of the creator or creators of what is probably one of the most shared facebook pages of the last 24 hours: to make them talk as we speak, of what we speak.

The formula is that of a black and white portrait with a customary quote. The surprise is the contents: no effect declarations to be repeated in sæcula sæculorum, but open-hearted confessions, at the limit of the space-time paradox and in which many can find themselves. Never have we been so similar, not even the time we drew from their project considering it much more than "conceptual reference". They too, the archistars of yesterday and today, reveal human frailties or preferences in the representation via social networks, as if they were really spending days drawing! Faced with overheating of the PC, they insert a life-saving fan, they resort to strategies if they are dealing with technical issues - not the maximum systems, I refer to stairs and toilets, eh! - and, even if they were on the couch of some Saturday afternoon TV show, here they are revealing secrets of taste - not really compositional - and the latest moves to place themselves on the job market. "
Valentina Silvestrini

One of the most complete reviews of was that of Gabriele Costa in the monthly magazine of Building and Urban Planning "L'UFFICIO TECNICO" is a web container of tools for architecture, therefore it wants to turn to all professionals of design and project, to provide practical support made up of tips, examples and above all drawings that can facilitate all phases of architectural design.
Technicians such as architects, engineers, surveyors but also university students or simple enthusiasts, can find on the most diverse design experiences, which can give stimuli, ideas, suggest new creativity. can also be defined as a portal for architecture where one navigates on various themes, from the latest important Italian and international architectural creations, to textures, from geometry to design, from construction detail to town planning, from CAD to rendering.'s mission is to be at the service of all those interested in the construction issue, professional and otherwise, continuously providing useful and mostly free tools to facilitate and improve the quality of the work of the architectural project, now always more complex in which shorter time frames are given.