à Goodness (social and environmental sensitivity): Respect for the Middle Environment, Dialogue and integration (win-win), respect for human rights.
à Beauty (vanguard): Respond to current aesthetic and functional needs, use cutting-edge “green” technology; Create synergy with the business, political world and non-profit organizations.
à Benefit (economic profitability): Competitive and accessible market prices, Minimize maintenance costs, Efficiency throughout the life cycle of the "construction" product.

Pilot Project Introduction

The pilot project of FUJI - Of course architecture, designed by the architect Luca Lancini, it is a sustainable single-family villa, with high architectural and compositional value, equipped with cutting-edge technological systems.
The building uses different systems to ensure a low environmental impact during its useful life cycle: construction, use and possible recycling / reuse.

The main features of this avant-garde architecture are:

ü       Urban integration with the landscape thanks to the bioclimatic design of the building which presents a different treatment of the facades and of the lighting and ventilation spaces in each exhibition.
ü       Use of safe and renewable materials, finishes and interior furniture thanks to the use of wood of certified origin.
ü       Integration in the project of various passive systems (insulation by inertia, window frames with thermal bridge breakage, solar control blades, electric room preheating meshes, thermal glazing, solar control rotary shutters, winter gardens and solar dryer).
ü       Production of thermal energy for solar panels, high efficiency modulating condensing electronic boiler and refrigeration system for reverse radiant floor for cooling with propane gas.
ü       Access without architectural barriers and adapted bathroom for people with mobility impairments.
ü       Integrated system for controlling the energy efficiency of installations.
ü       Home automation application integrated into the home installations to ensure space safety and energy saving.
ü       Saving of non-renewable energy and water thanks to the use of:
o        Strongly insulating materials.
o        High performance lighting systems.
o        Accumulation of rainwater.
o        Recycling of black water to irrigate green spaces.
o        Use of mechanical and electronic timed taps.
o        Use of high-efficiency household appliances.
o        Introduction of the use of the domestic urinal.
·                   Low temperature radiant floor heating system (in winter) and cooled floor for propane gas chiller (in summer).

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