In order to make conscious design choices, we need to consider the relationship between architectural artefact and context. It is important to evaluate some elements such as the climate, the natural phenomena affecting the intervention area, the geomorphology of the site, the altitude, the passage of the sun, the behavior of the aeriform masses, the possible presence of vegetation and mirrors of water. In fact, through the exploitation of renewable resources, we contribute to energy saving and respect for the environment.

The first source of vital importance is constituted by the sun that acts in a different way according to the geographical position, the course of the land and the presence of obstacles in the place of intervention. The solar contribution varies according to the inclination of the solar rays that act directly (from the sun), indirect (diffused in the atmosphere) or reflected (from other surfaces) on the earth's surface, with a greater intensity during the summer. The sun therefore provides useful energy for heating the building and its natural lighting. The second factor that affects the thermal comfort of an artifact is the wind. Through thermal convection, the external air flow removes heat from the building, contributing to its passive cooling. Moreover, this natural phenomenon improves the quality of the air.
Masses of water and vegetation are another essential natural element. The first, by evaporating, remove heat from the surrounding environment, cooling it. However, it is important that there is proper ventilation in the presence of water mirrors, in order to avoid the formation of humidity that would not benefit from thermal comfort. The vegetation covers various functions: shading, barrier to excessive wind and noise, improvement of the local microclimate and maintenance of the plant species. All these resources act on the individually built environment and their interaction improves the performance potential of the building, guaranteeing the consequent psycho-physical wellbeing of the individual.
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