Online competition designing a large apartment

Online competition designing a large apartmentOnline contest designing a large apartment in San Benedetto del Tronto

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23 Novembre 2020

Online competition designing a large apartment

Online contest designing a large apartment in San Benedetto del Tronto
Apartment design is one of the most common requests on GoPillar, the online community that hosts architects and interior designers who design projects to compete and win prizes offered by customers. Today, the client’s vision involves a large apartment in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP).

What are potential challenge(s) for this “Dream” Contest?
This contest’s focus is the subdivision of a large space to create two apartments. The two rooms must contain the following: 2 (preferably 3) bedrooms with walk-in closets, two bathrooms, a laundry room, kitchen and living room (also intended as a dining area).
The style should be classic-modern with neutral dominant colors.
The space will be totally restructured; it must have new floors, fixtures (including bathroom fixtures) and furniture.
Regarding the layout for the internal rooms, the property should face north on the brightest street (preferred), with the internal courtyard facing the south.

In the northern part of the property, a non-projecting external space (balcony) should be added, intersecting with the living area via a large window.
The bathrooms, services and kitchen must be positioned with space for drains (highlighted in the relief plan) to be connected.

What documents are required for the Contest of San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)?
The customer expects:

  • at least one floor plan showing the total square footage of the project, footprint, notes and clarifications if needed; 
  • a vector plan;
  • a render view that shows how the spaces of your apartment (at least the living area, bathroom and north balcony) have been designed;
  • at least one table of floor materials;
  • at least one ceiling / false ceiling plan;
  • at least a vector floor plan of the ceiling / countertop.

How can you participate in the Contest? Is there a registration fee?
Any architect or interior designer, from any part of the world, can participate in this private competition to help the client renovate their large apartment and win the prize simply by registering on the online platform where the Contest is hosted and filling out a short professional profile. Participation in the competition is completely free and cost-free for the architect; the deadline for submitting the project is 1 December 2020.

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