3D Kids’ slide 04

1:100 Scale dwg file (meters)
Conversion from meters to feet: a fast and fairly accurate system consists in scaling the drawing by multiplying the value of the unit of 
measurement in meters by 3.281

The 3d model developed in the file shows a double slide for children. The solution is designed in plastic, which makes the model economical and practical. The small slope makes it suitable for big and small children. The slides are accessed by a staircase covered with colored panels (in this case yellow but they can be easily changed to your taste). Finally, there are handles to cling to and which help children to sit down, and finally the slide from which the children can get off. The dual arrangement helps children socialize and compete with each other in speed races. The game helps to develop socialization skills, balance, perception of space and motor skills. Suitable for public parks, gardens, shopping areas, and why not, even beaches for fun by the sea.

no longer available

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