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2D categories
7.20 Gb  – 28600 file dwg files classified under 400 categories and sub-categories that can be used by even the most demanding professionals, for any type of project. Furnishings of all kinds, lifts, cars, restaurant-bars, offices, parking lots, building details, and everything you might need to design gardens and urban parks, as well as any type of residential project, and architectural blocks to meet all your needs.

3D categories
560 Mb – 1019 dwg files classified under 110 folders.

The archweb dwg database contains a wide range of complete projects.

I M P R O V E   T H E   Q U A L I T Y   O F   Y O U R   P R O J E C T S

Boost your productivity. As the figures themselves show, the database is enormous, complete with every category you might need to prepare a professional architectural project, and full of details and project outlines that will help you take your projects to a whole new quality level.

The database categories are classified using the same structures employed in the dwg section of the website. The database is a copy of the one in Italian, only the name of the categories is translated into English. There are 20 times the number of drawings (6.2 Gb) than there are on the website (200 Mb).
Famous architectures are not included in the database.

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