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Architecture of the Gardens

In this category we intend to propose as much as possible projects and schemes of gardens, parks, sites of historical, artistic, landscape and rural importance.

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The green of the public gardens

1. The changing concept of a garden throughout history Evolution The word garden of Indo-European matrix dates back to the…

1 April 2021

Street furniture

By "urban furniture management", we mean the design sector that concerns the insertion, within the city scenario, of mobile or…

3 February 2021

Architectural gardens in the world

Living in a busy city, you often have the desire to seek some serenity, getting away from the usual confusion…

29 June 2023

The Japanese Garden

In Japan, the garden has always been defined as a dialogue between man and nature and the niwashi, master gardeners,…

29 June 2023

The Mediterranean Garden

The biggest challenge in designing a garden is knowing how to find a balance between the climate in which it…

29 June 2023

Urban Green: beauty and healthiness

The cities in which we live today are the result of an evolution, of many urban overlaps, of new agglomerations…

29 June 2023

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